frequency questions

Frequently asked questions when using the store.

What is the method of ordering?

1. Click "Create Account" and fill in the form.

2. Select your favorite products and add them to the basket by choosing "Add to Cart".

3. To follow the selected products, select "Cart". You will see a list of selected products and their number. Choose Continue shopping to complete your shopping. Or terminate the application.

4. Click on the small logo near the "Shopping Cart" if you want to change the quantity or delete a product that has been added to the basket.

5. When you choose to terminate the application complete the payment details with the address written in detail and then the request is approved.

6. You will receive a letter with your application number on the e-mail registered in the application.


How can I be sure my order is complete?

You will receive a message on the e-mail registered in the application. "Confirm Negatives" Once they reach you, your order has been processed correctly.


What payment methods are available?

Payment service is available from.

     PayMe Service.
     Wecard service.

What do I do after my payment?

After completing your order. You receive a message to your e-mail containing a completed payment form


What are the subsequent steps after the payment?

Upon receipt of the payment form, the Authority will manage the stamps by checking the payment process and then send your information to the Order Processing Officer to process your order and send it in the chosen manner.


When are postage stamps issued and what are the occasions?

Stamps are issued through official state events or by traditional occasions.


How are postage stamps distributed and sold to all postal areas and offices?

The transfer is done by courier service.