How to Buy Products


How to Buy Products


  1. You must create a WeCard account at the following link wecard.



  1. To create a new account on a card you must click the "Account" button and click on the "Register" button.




  1. fill in the required fields.



  1. When you have finished, you must click the registration button.




  1. When you have completed your registration, you must log in to the account and go to "wecard 0.00" to find out your account or to recharge your account.



  1. You must click on the "Charge Balance" button and then type the PIN number.





Process of purchasing any product from the store with WeCard service


  1. Choose a product and click on the "Go to shopping cart" button to complete shopping and payment.




  1. In this box you can update your basket by adding other quantities to your product, then you have to agree to the terms of service and you have to click on the "progress to complete the purchase".



  1. Then you must select one of the addresses that has been added. 


  1. You will be transferred to your WeCard account until your purchase is complete. 


  1. You must confirm your order until your transfer is made to your Wii Card account. 


  1. When you transfer to your account on your card you must write your email and password until the purchase is done.


  1. When you write your email and password, you will see a picture of your bill at the financial value. You must click the "Confirm" button to complete the purchase and deduct the money from your account.