Shipping Policy

Shipping Methods

Shipping via Libya Post: Local Express Mail Service.

Delivery and final distribution of the customer: delivery to post offices - mailboxes.


Shipping charges

Free shipping cost.


How to manage your address

A customer account is opened on the platform of the Online Postage Store and the customer's statement is entered as follows:

First Name - Last Name - Email - Customer Address: City - nearest post office - PO Box if available - Phone number.


Steps of purchasing a postal product (stamps)

Log in as login and password

Access to the store

Choose the product

Add to cart

Complete all required data

Choose the type of payment method

Complete the payment process

Print receipt receipt and shipment number.

The delivery address can be changed after the completion of the purchase of postal products (stamps)

If payment is made and you want to change the delivery address, please contact customer service directly before your order is processed

If the payment is not made, you can cancel the order and resubmit your purchase.


Manual of Postal and Logistics Operations:

The shipment is processed by the Operations Office, which is responsible for complete sales, processing, packaging, packaging, barcode numbering, data entry on the IPS system, entering the sender and consignee data and the delivery office address.

Forming a postal mail from the processing office to the international exchange center, printing the form of the message and the road list and sending it to the exchange center.

Receipt is received at the Tripoli International Exchange Center at the local express mail department, opening the courier bag, sorting the items according to the addresses, forming local post offices for the post offices, printing the content forms, the road list and preparing for the deportation.

Transfers via the postal postal system and air transport through Libyan Airlines shall be carried out by the address on the following day before 10:00 am.

The mission is received at the destination office, opened and sorted by address, sorted by mailbox numbers, entered into the destination mail desk, and sent to the recipient via SMS via mobile phone.

The final delivery to the customer via the POD form is the delivery confirmation form and the final delivery data is entered via the IPS system at the destination post office.


How long the order will need to be delivered

The shipping and delivery process after the completion of the purchase is according to the following dates:


First Distribution Area:

Inside Greater Tripoli and neighboring cities

Distribution is made on day 3 and is calculated 24 hours after the completion of the purchase.

Second Distribution Area:

Benghazi, Baidah, Nalut, Zuwara, Mazdah, Beni Walid, Sebha, Sirte, Jafra and neighboring cities.

Distribution is made on day 5 and is calculated after 24 hours of completion of the purchase.

Third Distribution Area:

Tobruk - Marj - Ajdabiya - Aubari - Merzak - Brak Shati and the cities adjacent to these cities.

Distribution will take place on the 7th day after 24 hours from the completion of the purchase.

Fourth Distribution Area:

Border cities

Distribution will take place on +9 days after 24 hours from the completion of the purchase.


How the shipment is tracked

The shipment can be tracked through your mail tracking service on the Libya Post website



Note - It may take up to 24 hours for you to track your mail