Stamp collectors

The hobby of collecting stamps always depends on the acquisition of stamps by the amateur and obtain them from different ways and sources for the continuous pursuit to complete their collections.

To start collecting stamps, collect all the conditions and messages that you have received by mail, and ask your family and friends to give you their old messages. In this way you will have collected many stamps from all over the world for free.

You may have friends who collect stamps, and in this case it will not be difficult for you to exchange, but with time you will find that you have got all the stamps from your friends and you should look for new friends outside of your existing friends until you find new stamps.

You can send stamp collectors from all over the world and exchange stamps with them. Most philatelists are originally postal mail enthusiasts, and in this way you will also be able to collect stamps.

There are many magazines and newsletters that publish philatelic addresses. You can then buy such magazines and correspond to the addresses in them. You can also publish your address in such magazines so you can find the messages you receive at home without bothering to search for amateur addresses.

Another way to collect stamps is to buy old stamps from designated places or from philatelic sellers or even buy them directly from post offices, especially when new releases are launched at various events or from local or international stamp hobby associations.

It is preferable to collect a specific type of stamps, such as those relating to a country or a particular type of stamp such as stamps, animal stamps, butterflies or flowers, or stamps containing world figures, or to create a new type of stamp collection. What he prefers.

Therefore, no doubt, that all beginners should specialize in the hobby of collecting stamps from the beginning, and not to be confused in the collection of all that fall on their hands, and the selection of specialization easy process suited to the nature of the limited possibilities of the beginner, the most prominent of these disciplines are:

- Collection of stamps on events.

- Collect airmail stamps.

- Collection of postage stamps relating to trains, aircraft, ships, and other subjects.

- Collection of stamps used on envelopes with seals.

- Collect stamps bearing photo figures.

- Collecting commemorative stamps for different occasions.

- Collection of stamps bearing errors.